crayolabox (crayolabox) wrote in lameville,

This one goes out to the many readers of lameville

hey guys hows it going? Sorry for my inactivity, I have no excuse. But seeing that no one else has been posting lately, other than the recent awesome 2 line post by allan, I propose a picture scavenger hunt. For all the members of lameville (i don't have a headcount, I'm guessing 5? 4?). Well whatever it is, it doesnt matter. I just wanna take pictures, ya know foo'? Ok, so now we need a theme for the hunt. It's time for all the members to really rally together and get crafty.
I was thinking something along the lines of like popular phrases or titles of tv shows. I.E. Family Matters-your interpretation of the title, or um, I dunno, "Gacho bad", (ahahaha, only you kids from Eagle Pass would understand the ridiculousness of that phrase and how badly it needs to be stopped, seriously its not cool).
Or it could be just anything? Well anyway, just a suggestion.
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